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GMAT Expertise

GMAT Mastery and Tutoring Expertise

I am a Yale graduate and full-time GMAT tutor with more than a decade of experience preparing people for the GMAT.  I scored a 780 on the test and have taught and tutored hundreds of students, including people at all points along the spectrum from non-native English speakers to people with learning disabilities to GMATers who are at the top end of the scoring scale. Over the more than 10 years that I have been preparing people for the test, I have achieved a mastery not only of the GMAT itself but also of the methods necessary to help others understand and conquer the test.

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GMAT Tutoring

Approach to GMAT Tutoring

The GMAT is above all else a reasoning test and, as the name ReasonGMAT suggests, my focus is on the reasoning and critical thinking aspects of the test. Whereas most of the major test prep companies and even many private GMAT tutors tend to emphasize the content that appears on the test, I focus primarily on the way that the questions should be approached and on the reasoning and problem solving skills that lead to success on the test.  Additionally, since time management is such an important factor on the GMAT, I spend a significant amount of time helping students better master the art of GMAT time management.

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NYC GMAT Tutoring - Proven Results

GMAT Tutoring:  Proven Results

I have helped countless students score 700+ on the GMAT and have had students admitted to virtually all of the top business schools around the world. Please visit the Testimonials Page to see what my previous students have had to say about their experience working with me. Additionally, to get a better understanding of the different ways in which the process can play out and how my focus and strategy vary depending on the needs of the particular student, please visit the Case Studies Page.

Online GMAT TutorOnline GMAT Tutoring

I provide online GMAT tutoring to students all over the world and have worked with students on 5 continents and from over 15 different countries. The online interface that I use is dynamic and allows for shared whiteboards, pdfs of all the session notes, and video recordings of the lessons. When online GMAT tutoring is done right it is as effective as live GMAT tutoring and I have even had local students in New York City who I have tutored solely online even though it would have been possible to meet in-person.

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