GMAT Tutor in NYC and OnlineI am a full-time tutor and an elite GMAT prep veteran with more than a decade of experience preparing people for the exam. Having scored a 780 on the GMAT, I have a true mastery of the test. Because I do this full time, I have had the opportunity to make this my exclusive focus and learn everything there is to know about the GMAT itself and how best to prepare students for it. I have taught and tutored for several of the major GMAT prep companies and have been tutoring independently for many years, helping literally hundreds of students achieve higher scores on the exam and get into the business schools of their choice.

I have tutored students at every level from non-native English speakers and people with learning disabilities to test takers who ultimately scored in the high 700’s on the test. I also regularly tutor clients with varying levels of experience from students with little or no familiarity with the GMAT to people who have already taken a prep class (particularly ManhattanGMAT) and who have very often taken the GMAT multiple times.

I am a graduate of Yale University and have both a B.A. and M.A. in History (I reached the dissertation phase of my PhD, but set aside that journey to focus full-time on test prep more than a decade ago). Aside from my test prep experience, I worked for several years as a college professor, teaching introductory and mid-level History courses, and also spent a couple of years as a college writing tutor. Prior to that, I worked in documentary film for several years and also dabbled in the jewelry industry, helping my wife start a fine jewelry business.

I was a collegiate athlete, having played lacrosse at Yale, and when I am not helping people conquer the GMAT I still enjoy watching and playing sports, particularly ice hockey (my real sport of choice). I am also a father of two and spend most of my free time on my other passion: being the very best father I can be!