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Below are some testimonials compiled from a variety of sources. In addition to the testimonials that I received directly from my former students, there are also “official” reviews from a range of sources including Beat The GMAT, GMAT Club, and Google Reviews. (Note: The Beat The GMAT and GMAT Club reviews are from my days of working for a major GMAT Prep provider). For the “official” reviews I have included images of some of them on this page for convenience, but they can all be viewed by clicking on the links provided.


Thank you Brian for all of your help with the test. Like I told you, you were my Yoda, Jedi master of the GMAT. I am thrilled with my score and can’t thank you enough for all of your wisdom and guidance!

–David L. (Columbia Business School)

Brian is an amazing tutor. I had actually used another tutor before coming to him and after working with Brian it made me wish that I had found him first. He has such a deep understanding of the test and how to prepare for it. He knows almost every question out there so after we would work on one question together he would know exactly which one to turn to next and exactly where to find it.

I had real problems with data sufficiency and he really broke the question down for me to help me correct the way that I was approaching the questions. In the end I needed to be much more methodical about it because I would make similar mistakes over and over and he helped me change that.

He also helped me a TON with time management. This was a huge issue for me because I was not even close to finishing the sections in time (both Math and Verbal). A big part of it was just understanding the scoring better but Brian also really worked with me specifically on managing my time better in each section and even looked at my practice tests with me to help me better understand what I was doing wrong.

I don’t even remember what my starting score was, but it was embarassing and my final GMAT score was 670, which was much much higher than where I started.

–Jessica M. (Yale SOM)

Thank you so much for your help, Brian. You have a true gift for teaching. Even when your first or second attempt at explaining something to me didn’t work you always patiently found some other way to help me understand. I will miss our meetings…I really came to enjoy them and to enjoy your company. I could not have managed this without you!

–Stacy P. (UC Davis)

I took the GMAT this morning, and did extremely well. I got a 49 on the quant and a 46 on the verbal, for a total score of 760. My score improved quite a lot over the course of our sessions, so I wanted to say thank you. A lot of your tips and methods were really helpfully (especially after I got it through my head to pick numbers), as was your advice to concentrate on the quant for the last couple of weeks I had to prepare. Thanks again for everything!

–Heather L. (Harvard Business School)

Brian is a real GMAT master. First he knows everything there is to know about the test, inside and out. But he is also really good at reading a person’s weaknesses and was able to help me understand the things that I was doing wrong. He also helped me know what I should be doing to improve and he kept me motivated and boosted my confidence all the time.

He is also a really nice funny guy. He is not what you would normally expect of a GMAT tutor. He is very casual and very easy to be around and he made our sessions as enjoyable as a GMAT tutoring session could probably be. I looked forward to our meetings and even sort of enjoyed preparing for the test.

Julia R. (Wharton)

Thanks so much Brian! Mission accomplished. I took it yesterday and was very excited to get a 760. Although I didn’t encounter any rate questions, refocusing my preparation to take a ‘reasoning’ test really helped. And I felt much more secure after working with you for just two hours! I plan to refer any friends who are in the preparation process. Thanks again so much!

Hayley T. (Columbia Business School)

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Beat The GMAT Reviews

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(Please note the below reviews stem from my days working for a major GMAT Prep provider)

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–Posted on Beat The GMAT by JMR (Verified Student)


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–Posted on Beat the GMAT by MBAStudent2012 (Verified Student)


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–Posted on Beat The GMAT by NathanDavid7 (Verified Student)

GMATClub Reviews

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(Please note the below reviews stem from my days working for a major GMAT Prep provider)

GMAT Club Testimonial

–Posted on GMATClub by a Verified Student